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Robert believes that intentional movement practices and proper fitness techniques enable a client to live a balanced and joyful life. With this in mind, every single session is designed to accomplish goals that are set for right now, and for life. Robert's goal as your trainer is to accomplish the "right-now," and to instill proper exercise habits that lead to a lifetime of fitness.

In addition, Robert currently specializes in functionl movement strength training, and corrective exercise.  Robert's backgroun in mixed martial arts, athletics, and corrective exercise allows him to provide an eclectic learning experience tha tis tailored to the individual. Fitness, health and wellness all look different for each person and each of his programs include those differences.

Certification: National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist, and American Heart Association Certified CPR and AED



Keith has been a trainer at the gym since 2011 and a member since 1986.  He came to Seattle in 1977 as Public Relations Director for the original Seattle Sounders after spending the previous four years in the same capacity with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Keith holds a degree in communications from Lindenwood University in St. Louis and has been inducted into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame.  Following his career in professional sports he became Publisher of Seattle Magazine and has worked in media, public relations and sales.  His training philosophy is very simple and motivating. "What can we do today in order for you to come back tomorrow."

Certification: ACE (American Council of Exercise) Personal Trainer, 2010-Present,  American Heart Association Certified CPR and AED 



Anthony’s fitness journey started when he took up running as a part of his Army Airborne basic training. After returning home he moved into weightlifting and eventually focused his sights on competitive bodybuilding. Anthony has traveled most of his life and moved to Seattle from New Hampshire in 2015 and earned his personal training certification shortly after. His fitness accomplishments include placing in the top 5 of his first two amateur bodybuilding competitions.

Anthony believes there are many paths to a single destination within fitness, and his passion is helping people find their destination; be it gaining strength, running your best time yet or working on your nutrition goals. Anthony uses a combination of personal and professional education to create a program personalized to your lifestyle, ability and goals.

The decision to start a fitness journey can be intimidating and Anthony uses his experience and knowledge to help you build confidence in the gym setting as both a work out partner and trainer

Certification: ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Personal Trainer, American heart Association Certified CPR and AED



Cris has been an ACE and Master Heart Zone Trainer for the last 10 years after a twenty year career in Social Work. She also co-authored “Fresh Off the Couch: What you didn’t know about fitness makes all the difference.” Cris specializes in helping people overcome obstacles to fitness from the mental to the physical: from issues of bone density to fibromyalgia.  She is an instructor for indoor cycling classes and enjoys participating in triathlons as well as half marathons. Being a cardio exercise specialist Cris believes in: “Using your heart to change your mind about fitness!”

Certifications:  MSW, RTC, ACE Personal Trainer, Level 4 Heart Zones Master Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, NASM Certificate in Women's Fitness,  American Heart Association Certified CPR and AED 



Elliott wants to help everyone live his or her best life. His journey as a student of “Physical Culture” began through youth and college sports where he grew fascinated by the prospects of becoming better, faster, and stronger.

Over time, Elliott’s fitness philosophy has merged with principles holistic health and integration. His passion stems from a belief that anything is possible and that, “the body achieves what the mind believes”.

Elliott believes “primal movement patterns” should be the foundation of one’s training. His approach aims towards body-weight mastery and delves into working with free weights in a natural way. He likes to focus on exercises that use the most muscle mass to get you the best results in the fastest way.

To Elliott, his biggest goal is to help you get what you want out of life and considers himself a coach above all things. Elliott specializes in functional strength training, barbell work, everyday calisthenics, structural integration, floor exercises, and gait analysis. 

Certifications: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Crossfit Level 1 Coach, NCCPT (Nation council for certified personal trainers), CPR-AED certified.


Kylee is a California girl, who loves health and fitness. She became a Personal Trainer her senior year of high school and hasn’t stopped training others since. She’s competed in two NPC bodybuilding shows, and now competes in USPA powerlifting competitions. Kylee not only loves spending time in the gym, but loves hiking, spending time outdoors and simply enjoying what the PNW has to offer. She’ll also probably say hello to any dog she sees, but hey all dog people are good people right? Kylee believes in helping people, and that’s exactly what she does. In her own words “There’s no better feeling than coming home and knowing that you’re actually making a difference in someone else's life because that’s what really matters.”

 Certification: AFI (American Fitness Institute) Personal Trainer, 2017-Present, American Safety Training Institute Certified CPR and AED 

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Jamie and his wife Nina are the owners of GreenLake Fitness and Kenmore Fitness. Jamie has been a peresonal trainer since 1997 after receiving a BS in Exercise Science from Wayne State College.

He has worked with clients of all fitness levels and has received specialized training in golf fitnss through the Titleist Performance Institute.

Jamie takes a functional training approach to all of his personal training programs.  He enjoys working with clients that want to be pushed to the next level.

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, TPI Golf Fitness Professional Level 3, AHA CPR and AED, and WA State EMT-B Completion. 


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