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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a guest?

 We want you to get a great workout and sometimes that requires a partner.  If you want to bring a guest, that person must sign-in at the front desk before proceeding to the workout floor. Guests must also bring with them a valid photo ID.  Please make an appointment prior to bringing a guest in.

Guest visits are $10.   

Are there day passes?

Not looking to join the gym just yet, but want to get a workout in? GreenLake Fitness offers day passes for folks wanting to drop-in.  Please make an appointment prior to coming in so that our staff can expect you at the front when you arrive.  All drop-ins must sign-in at the front desk before proceeding to the workout floor and present a valid photo ID.

Day passes are $12.

Why is the door locked?

At GreenLake Fitness  we have made it a priority to increase the safety and security of our members by installing member only security access doors. 

Having security doors ensures that  our members, their belongings, and the gym is a safe and secure place to reach our fitness goals!

Please call ahead at 206-524-7000 and make an appointment if you plan on dropping by the gym.

How do I cancel my membership?

 We do not do contracts!  However, we do require cancellation requests to be submitted prior to the first of the month you plan on leaving the gym to stop any further billing.

Month-to-Month members pay a first and last month upon initial sign-up. As a result, the month following your cancellation will be your final month of membership at GLF.

 Cancellations that occur after the 1st of the month will still be charged full membership price.  No exceptions. 

How old do you have to be to use the gym?

 Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to come in on their own and sign-up for a gym membership. 

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must have a guardian/parent fill out a waiver for you before you can workout on your own.

If you are 12-15 years old, you must have your guardian/parent fill out a waiver and you must be supervised at all times. Supervision means that a guardian/parent is with you at all times, you are working out with one of our trainers, or are taking a group fitness class headed by a GLF instructor.

Is there a dress code?

GreenLake Fitness requires that all of our members adhere to a dress code policy for personal hygiene, health, and safety. 

Shirt, pants/shorts, and closed toes shoes are required for all patrons anytime they are out on the workout floor.

Please make sure all articles of clothing are clean and please check your shoes as not to track in dirt or mud! 

Who left those weights out?

A gym is a shared space. Please remember to clean up after yourself by re-racking your weights, wiping up your sweat, not leaving stuff on equipment that is not in use, and keep the space clear of clutter for safety reasons.

Not everyone can lift what you can lift, please remember to unload barbells of weights and put dumbbells away.

Did you lose something?

Lost articles found at the gym that are not claimed within 30 days will be donated to charity or thrown away (based on quality and condition of items). 

If you lost something at the gym, please see a front desk representative to look in our lost and found for it. 

What about phone usage?

Cellphones are allowed at the gym, but should only be used for listening to music with headphones and for emergency purposes. 

Please keep your music to a reasonable volume.

Talking on cellphones is not permitted on the workout floor